Note to Gary Bettman: “when you make an apology you should MAKE AMENDS too”

7797374.binby GARY YAMASAKI   With the NHL back in full swing, it would be nice simply to forget the lockout ever happened. . .but I can’t. I just can’t move past my indignation towards Gary Bettman for all the damage I feel he caused (he even makes me feel embarrassed I am named “Gary”!)

Sure, Bettman issued an apology, but hordes of fans have wondered whether he was truly sorry. . .me included. It would have helped me a lot if he had accompanied the apology with some sort of tangible display of making amends. A gesture to demonstrate in concrete terms that the apology was not just hollow words. A gesture that would actually cost Bettman something.

And I’ve come up with a plan. Why doesn’t Bettman voluntarily give up his tickets to this year’s Stanley Cup finals (that would cost him something), and make them the object of a league-wide free lottery. Thus, a Bettman sacrifice would provide some benefit to the fans in the form of a game in which all the fans could participate.

In fact, let’s take this a step further. Why doesn’t Bettman also voluntarily relinquish to the winning fan the commissioner’s privilege of handing the Stanley Cup to the winning captain! That would really cost him something. And the sight of a fan, and not Bettman, handing the Cup to the winning captain should provide all fans with a good dose of satisfaction.


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