Chicago Blackhawks’ Streak: “not as spectacular as it appears”

Today, the Chicago Blackhawks stretched their “games to start a season without a regulation loss” record to 22. And while smashing the old record by 6 games (and counting) has led many to consider the Hawks as being in a league all their own this season, a closer look at the streak suggests otherwise.

As the streak has progressed, I’ve gotten the impression that on a lot of nights they were just barely squeaking by their opponents. And a check through their 19 wins confirmed my impression. Three of the wins were in shoot-outs and another three were in overtime. And of their 13 regulation-time wins, 7 of them had a mere one-goal margin of victory (including a 5-3 win involving an empty-net goal). That’s a lot of “squeaking by”!

Don’t get me wrong. . .what Chicago has accomplished is impressive. I just wouldn’t say they have been dominant enough to justify their planning a parade route just yet.


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